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The masterful producer Danny George has spent the last few years working with promising newcomers Ayelle, Malory, Latir and Lolé while also finding success producing award-nominated compositions for film and TV. With his production and writing already having a buzz around it, being championed by influential publications Wonderland Magazine, Clash Magazine, The 405, The Line of Best Fit, ReprezentFM and Dork Magazine, Danny is now finally focusing on his solo project and quickly emerging as an extraordinary artist in his own right.

George’s solo work is a diverse and genre-bending experience, a blend of soul and electronica with nods to 90’s R&B and indie rock. He has found a way to not only use his voice for the purpose of singing but effortlessly samples it creating a warm, sultry bed of sound that falls into place overtop arrangements of lush piano, guitar, and electronics. He released his first single “Close to You” in 2018, gaining over 500k plays online within the first 6 months it was then followed by his collaboration with Irish soul singer Darren Morgan, “Say Something”. Danny is now preparing to release his debut EP, “Crushed Comfort”.



His vocals are tender and pained, yet potent and full-bodied.
— Complex
Danny cements himself as a masterful producer and overall creative
— Kaltblut
Finding his own groove - a wholesome, intricate, and playful sound
— The Line of Best Fit